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Our Company

SuperTherm Fluid Heating Services specializes in Frac Water Heating and can handle all your fluid heating needs. SuperTherm uses only the latest in technology in Oil-Fired Heating Units, which are built by Chandler Mfg, Inc. These units have proven their reliability in extreme cold weather environments such as those found in the North Slope of Alaska. These Oil-Fired units are designed for continuous operations in
sub-zero temperatures.

Some of the biggest advantages to using SuperTherm for your fluid heating needs include:

  • Superior technology that allows the customer the benefit of the most efficient units on the market.
  • These units are also the safest units due to the latest designed technology and the use of diesel fuel to run the burners.
  • SuperTherm can handle any size job while saving the customer money due to the efficiency of the units and has the ability to handle large jobs with fewer units than the competition.
  • These units have numerous benefits on location which include, small footprint so they do not need as much room, and they burn much cleaner than our competitors' units.
  • All of our technicians have superior training on running units, maintaining the units, and numerous other safety requirements to ensure fatigue in the field does not occur.

State of the Art Technology

SuperTherm uses the latest in technology from Chandler Mfg that allows the units to be much more efficient. Our units can increase the temperature of the fluid at a much higher rate than almost any other units on the market. Our diesel-fired units will outperform any propane-fired unit in subzero temperatures. Being able to get the job done quicker, SuperTherm can usually save the customer money per completed job over the competition. The piping design on our units allows us to continue the heating process on tanks without shutting down which saves time and cost for our customers.

Our units are powerful enough to handle any size job:

  • Rig Tanks
  • Large Pits
  • Continuous Heating from Pits
  • No Tank Job is too Large

All SuperTherm trucks are manufactured by Chandler Mfg in Wichita Falls, Texas

Services  —  Hot Oil & Water Transfer

Hot Oil Services

SuperTherm Fluid Heating Services also specializes in Hot Oil services. We have a diesel-fired unit with a 10,000psi SMC WS-340 pump and are sure to be able to handle any pressure jobs that a customer would need. (1BPM at 10,000psi, 2.07BPM at 6040psi, and 4.13BPM at 3020psi are a just few examples of flow and pressures) Our truck carries 100’ of 2” sch. 160 hardline and a 15,000psi handi-check valve for the wellhead for safety. For versatility we also have a propane-fired Chandler Mfg. Hot Oil Unit that can handle any job up to 6,000psi.

Water Transfer Services

SuperTherm also has InstaPrime Mp200 8” water transfer pumps to move large volumes of water.

  • 3500 gal/min. Flow Rate
  • Can Move 3,600,000 gal/day
  • 43 HP Deutz Diesel Motor
  • Auto Start Pumps That Can Prime in 30 Seconds

Benefits on Location

The SuperTherm only uses 'Bobtail' truck mounted units. These trucks are much easier to maneuver on and off tight leases than comparable trailer units. They also have a much smaller footprint once on-site, and that eliminates the unnecessary emissions of having separate engines for trucks and heating units. Our units can also be operated with the heater doors closed. This means much less noise and no open flame. The heater is essentially completely enclosed with the exception of the exhaust.

SuperTherm will provide superior service and professionalism in all the areas of work performed.

SuperTherm will pride itself on the excellent customer service that will be provided to all customers.

SuperTherm will not be satisfied with the completed job unless our customers are completely satisfied.

Safety is Priority

Safety is the number one priority of SuperTherm Fluid Heating Services. Our safety motto includes the three E's: Equipment, Environment and Employees.

Our equipment is the safest unit on the market. Diesel is a much less volatile fuel than propane, will not ignite as easily and has a higher flash point. Propane units rely on high levels of pressure to feed the burners versus our diesel units which uses pumps to feed the burners. Our units have CO2 fire suppression system inside the heater and automatic controls that shut off the fuel supply if fluid circulation through the heater is lost.

Our units are very environmentally friendly and burn much cleaner than other units on the market. While heating, our units emit no visible smoke and the stack tests have shown that they have lower NOx and Carbon Monoxide emissions than similar size propane units.

SuperTherm also ensures the safety of our employees as well as other employees or individuals that are on the job location. Our employees are well trained in one-on-one setting on running the unit as well as keeping the units maintained. We also make sure that we schedule out technicians in teams to make sure that fatigue related accidents do not occur. Our employees are trained and required to make sure that our fleet is well maintained and clean with frequent inspections of units, hoses and tools.

SuperTherm is an ISnetwork certified member, employs only OSHA Certified Drivers, fills out a Job Safety Analysis on every site, and ensures Drug Free Drivers with pre-employment and random drug testing.

Pricing Options

SuperTherm has a 2 different pricing options. The first option is based on a price per degree of temperature rise per barrel. The second option is based on an hourly rate per operation. Both options have a standby hourly rate. These prices will be fluctuated based on the price of diesel to run the equipment. Our rates will be very competitive while our efficiency will be at a higher rate over many of the competitors which will save our customers money.

An MSA ( Master Service Agreement ) is signed with every customer.

  • - Manager Cell: 701-580-5180
  • - Operations Director Cell: 940-781-8783
  • - General Mgr Cell: 701-580-5179
  • North Dakota / Montana / Wyoming Heating & Water-Transfer Services (701) 580-5180      (877) 650-3222
  • Colorado / Nebraska / Wyoming Heating & Water-Transfer Services (701) 580-5180      (877) 650-3222